Founder and Creative | Liu Le-Chun

    Founder and creative director of Diabolo Dance Theatre, Liu has devoted his time to study the culture of diabolo for over 25 years. Starting with pure passion, he excels the skills of diabolo, innovates and transforms the traditional art into live performances. By combining modern elements, such as music, dance, storytelling, along with a roll of diabolo, he eliminates the distance between audiences and stage. He also proves there is no boundary in performing diabolo. "Let the art into casual life, and let the life into art", is what he pursues.

    His well-known performances include: Magical of Diabolo Dance, The Game of Diabolo Dance, Ocean Heart, Entrance, Entrance II, Blossoms in Wonderland, Ocean Celebration.

Diabolo Dance Theatre | Entrance

    Entrance is about a fantasy world where lost love and friendship are recovered via journey and adventures.

    This fantasy world will inspire you to see things through with eyes of innocence and curiosity, and you will find a fantastic colorful world that is well beyond your imagination.

    The troupe's dream work, Entrance, tells the story of a young girl's miraculous journey through a wonderland of surprises, where she discovers the truth and meanings of life with her new best fantasy friends, green-eyed monster and the blue cat. Be prepared to hop on this 4D trip!


    Scene 1 - Party On Stairs                       Scene 2 - Jokers

    Scene 3 - Blue Cat & Little Girl               Scene 4 - The Birds

    Scene 5 - The Forest                              Scene 6 - Lonely Monster

    Scene 7 - Interrupted Party                    Scene 8 - Searching

    Scene 9 - In The Dark                            Scene 10 - Fly In The Starry Sky

    Scene 11 - Amusement Park                 Scene 12 - Let's Party

    Program Duration:90 Minutes ( Including Intermission )



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Music Composer | Claudia Yang

    Claudia Yang graduated at Berklee College of Music, dual majors at Contemporary Writing & Production and Music Synthesis. At present, works on advertising music (WEI CHUAN CORP.MSP, MITSUBISHI MOTORS, VISA Debit, etc.), film scoring (Cape No.7), TV soundtrack, video game music (InterServ, Softstar, Gamania, etc.), musical jingle of radio station and music arrangement, now on has been created over six hundred songs.

    "Entrance" is the first production that Claudia Yang cooperated with Diabolo Dance Theatre. In 2010, Claudia Yang cooperated with Diabolo Dance Theatre and blended into hazz classical, contemporary and elements of world music to create "ENTRANCE".

Entrance Soundtrack

Production | Diabolo Dance Theatre

Music Composer | Claudia Yang

Producer / Composition / Lyrics | Claudia Yang

Recording Engineer | T.R.Lai

Vocal | Melody Wu & Claudia Yang

Sax / Clarinet | Shawna Yang

Violin | Hsin-Yu Yang

Guitar | Eric Chuang

Cello | Chao-Lun Lu

SCENE 5 - The Forest

SCENE 9 - In The Dark


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